Orion Secure DoorGuard


Access simplified.
Orion Secure DoorGuard TM

The Orion Secure DoorGuard (ODSG) tailgate detection system uses a 3D machine vision imaging sensor to accurately determine when someone is attempting to gain entry through a secured access point (such as swinging doors, sliding doors, or virtual/no doors) after a visitor or employee swipes their access card.

The high accuracy of this product allows the detector to determine the difference between additional individuals versus bags, strollers, etc.

Why DoorGuard?

  • Integrates with Infinity Remote Lane ControlTM software
  • Integrates with new or existing access systems
  • Programmed for high security and high throughput
  • Compact size
  • Lower power required
  • Versatility: quickly programmable to various size doors
  • LiDAR smart sensing technology
  • Distinguishes between individuals and objects
  • Detects tailgating and piggybacking
  • People counting

Watch how it works:

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