Orion Entrance Control, Inc., has partnered with LifeSafety Power-power supply to provide an offline switchmode power supply-battery charger system. This power supply is specifically designed for multi-output general purpose power distribution. The power supply may be used to provide distributed power for access, fire and the CCTV segments of the life safety industry.


  • The Life Safety Power Suppy has a 250W power supply/charger with a dual rate microproccessor that restores battery sets from 4 to 80Ah
  • Is user selectable for 20A/12V or 10A/24V
  • There are (8) Class 2, 2.5 amp power limited outputs
  • AC and system fault output relays
  • Comprehensive fault detection and reporting including optional earth ground and battery presence
  • The painted steel locking enclosure is 14 inch x 12 inch x 4.5 inch and is 10 pounds