Fannie Mae Corporate Offices

Banking and Finance Access Control

We’ve helped financial office buildings and facilities develop and implement access control strategies that blend required security features with efficiency and style. Secure areas with sensitive information and monitor any access point to comply with industry regulations or company policies.

Government Access Control

It’s crucial to understand who is in your facility, and where they go when they’re there. We work with federal, state, and local government office buildings to provide peace of mind, so you can focus on the important work happening inside your building, and not who is in it.

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Consumer Products Company Access Control

Protect your brand, your inventory, and your staff with lobby and entrance control options that offer a range of security levels while strategically integrating with your sales and marketing objectives to welcome customers to your store.

Transportation Access Control

In high-security areas with many layers of existing security, Orion’s hardware and software solutions work with existing systems to enhance efficiency in airports, subway stations and other travel hubs. We’ll demystify the strategy for updates, upgrades and compatibility, adding peace of mind to the process.

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Corporate Access Control

Map, reconcile, and analyze incoming and outgoing traffic or restrict access to certain areas based on the needs of an organization, tenant, or occupant. Orion has placed turnstiles in office buildings of all shapes and sizes, including those with existing layers of security.

Entertainment & Casino Access Control

Offer safe, yet unhindered access into venues where selling tickets, filling seats, and getting people in the door is the priority. Orion’s work in this industry is expansive, having installed turnstiles that allow large numbers of people in and out for crowd control, security, and positive customer experience.

Education Institutions Access Control

University buildings and academic institutions rely on Orion for convenience and insight, especially services such as student centers and libraries. We’ve partnered with educational institutions across the country to enhance security and the campus experience.

Healthcare Building Access Control

Patient safety, employee access, and efficiency intersect with our work in hospitals and healthcare facilities. We’ve helped surgery centers, physician offices and medical parks of all sizes find the right solution for everyone you care for, dovetailing with any existing security or crowd control measures.

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