Step one of the Orion Process

1. Start the conversation

Whether at a trade show, coffee shop, or your office, we can talk about needs, goals, options, and how to get your project off the ground. Our turnstiles work with most scanning card reader technology available today.

Step two of the Orion Process

2. Develop, plan & engineer

The options are nearly endless. We can make recommendations based on your needs, or work with architects, engineers, business owners, and integrators to design lasting, beautiful and secure entrances.

Step three of the Orion Process

3. Design & aesthetics

We focus on the visuals and the components behind the scenes to make sure that the design aligns with your facility, brand, and security requirements – today and in the future.

Step 4 of the Orion Process

4. Project management

A dedicated project coordinator works with your team to provide updates, technical guidance, and answer questions, every step of the way.

Step 5 of the Orion Process

5. Implement

Our materials are sourced from US distributors, enabling us to shorten the time it takes to go from a concept to a successful installation. Typically, we deliver your turnstiles within 10 weeks from drawing approvals, and will help your integration team fine tune the Infinity Remote Lane Control software, sensors, and overall SpeedLane set up.

Step 6 of the Orion Process

6. Commissioning & training

Orion’s technical team will work with your integration team, verifying the SpeedLane setup is correct in alignment, wiring and access control integration. Sharing our experience in access control and lobby security is part of the training process, building confidence for your team when they become Orion Certified on software and hardware components.

Step 7 of the Orion Process

7. Nurture a lifetime relationship

Orion SpeedLane turnstiles are future-proof – meaning that we can make upgrades to the units to keep pace with technological advances. We are here for support when you need it, ready to add new features or additional turnstiles as your needs change.

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