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Propped Doors Mean Unsecured Floors

Door Prop Alarms needed a next generation solution and DoorAlert™ is the innovative, flexible, IOT device solution clients have demanded. This intelligent local door alarm means security professionals now have equipment settings they can customize to avoid false alarms and the corresponding fatigue which plague existing products. 

Orion's DoorAlert

The intelligent Door Management Alarm (iDMA) is an elegant device designed specifically with Security Integrators in mind. It has multi-technology capability such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wiegand and OSDP to support various devices and functionality.

Propped doors thwart your existing security investments and leave your property, people, and intellectual property at risk. Having an intelligent door prop alarm system means fewer false alarms and increase control over your buildings.

Door Prop Alarm - Smartphone App

How It Works

The iDMA panel is installed at any free egress emergency exit perimeter door or protected areas, to monitor, manage and alarm the door, maintain life safety code requirements while maintaining the building’s security. The iDMA is suited for use in any building that requires alarmed, free-egress doors to be managed and monitored.


Using the free iDMA Bluetooth app, Integrators/Installers and Administrators can change configuration, set timers, change the display and more. When logged in as a User, one can bypass or shunt the alarm, when logged in as an Administrator one can add or delete Users without ever having to retrieve their key, card or fob.


Remote monitoring and management of the iDMA can be done from any stand-alone guard station or via interface to the building’s access control system. iDMA operates from 12v-24v DC, has four programmable, supervised inputs and four programmable form “C” relay outputs. Outputs are supervised via built in selector jumpers, no need for external EOL resistor kits.


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Audible Alerts

See DoorAlertAdvantages

The door prop alarm market has existed for years but DoorAlert™ takes the product category solution options to a whole new level.  Featuring iDMA, patented DoorAlert™ is an IOT device which has an unmatched feature set which you can see through this comparison table.

Features which include the ability to customize display screens, connect via bluetooth, alter time assignments through simple, flexible options, and monitor remotely prove DoorAlert™ is an unparalleled security device for any company which values security and is looking to avoid false positives. Please reach out through our website contact form or by phone to learn more about this powerful product.

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Propped Doors Increase Costs

Energy Waste

Not only do propped doors impact security, they also impact facility costs by through wasted energy. Skyrocketing natural resource prices mean open doors create less efficient temperature control. Companies can better understand the length and frequency of these wasteful activities through the data created by the power of DoorAlert's IOT device statistics.

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