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Entrance Solutions

We provide more than just products and services – we put Access in Motion by providing security solutions that deliver peace of mind. At Orion Entrance Control, Inc., we develop and test the technology behind our state-of-the-art devices. We draw upon decades of collective security experience to continuously achieve the highest quality standards for our products and services within the industry.
Each product we construct contains up to 75-80% recycled materials. This includes the stainless steel, and the recycled and upcycled finishing materials like recycled glass tops, wood laminates, and other reusable finishing materials. We understand the importance of aesthetics as well as security, and our team works closely with designers, architects, and our integration partners to identify, design, and develop entrance solutions to achieve your envisioned results while being as environmentally conscious as possible.

Entrance Solutions
Entrance Solutions

If you have turnstiles that are no longer performing at their best, but purchasing new turnstiles is not the best option, Orion Entrance Controls offers two unique solutions – an Upgrade in Place and a Remove and Replace.

An Upgrade in Place solution utilizes the existing exterior cabinetry, while we upgrade the electronics, motors, gearheads, and software within the structure. This can be a cost-effective way to modernize your barriers or turnstiles while keeping the aesthetic features you are comfortable with.

A Remove and Replace solution removes your existing pedestals and replaces them with our superior technology and function within the existing footprint. Both of these options makes us the go-to provider for turnstile and barrier upgrades.