By Orion Entrance Control, Inc. | October 10, 2018

Phasing out sales of Orion touchscreen computers for entrance control systems give customers more flexibility.

At Orion Entrance Control, part of what makes us different is the value we place on great conversations. For some time now, we have been hearing from our integration partners and cybersecurity colleagues that they want to take the lead when it comes to selecting hardware components for their entrance control systems.

This makes a lot of sense to us.

Removing friction

Back when we first started, the Internet had not yet evolved into a network of billions of connected, so-called “smart” devices and the “Internet of Things (IoT)”. Nest home comfort systems, audio and visual equipment, cell phones, TVs, medical devices, cars, and yes – security systems – all fall under the IoT umbrella. Analyst firm Gartner predicts that by 2020, there will be 20.4 billion IoT devices connected to the Internet; that’s up from 8.4 billion in 2018, and more than double current statistics.

The exponential growth in this realm makes it increasingly difficult for security professionals – both in person and online – to safeguard their buildings and data. Protecting their company’s physical and digital infrastructure is a complex responsibility. It involves keeping valuable information out of the hands of motivated hackers who want access to it for a host of nefarious reasons.

That’s why we are beginning to phase out the sales of our two sizes of touch screen monitors, the IRLC-TS-15 and IRLC-TS-24. These accessories were previously bundled with Orion’s Infinity Remote Lane Control™ software, which enhances our turnstiles and speed lanes. Our vendor partners and customers need more flexibility when it comes to this important aspect of their business, and we couldn’t agree more.

Security professionals told us that the monitors are a friction point – an aspect that makes their jobs a little more challenging. For us, the message was clear: facilities, organizations, and companies need to be in control of choosing the hardware components for their entrance control projects.

About Infinity Remote Lane Control™ software

We developed our proprietary Infinity software to offer user-friendly controls for all turnstiles, speed lanes, and the new Orion Secure DoorGuard™ solution. It works with standard computer platforms and empowers lobby and security personnel to monitor activity through each turnstile individually or in aggregate. The software also includes remote access for service and technical upgrades, power consumption monitoring, and counting and reporting of occupancy statistics. It integrates with other systems, such as elevators or other wayfinding services, offers personalized access to grant automatic pass-through for VIPs, and provides visual diagrams of each entrance point, giving security integrators nearly limitless options for configuring their entrance control systems and displays.

Even though we’re changing up procurement processes for monitors to give our customers more options, we are still here to help guide you to the product that is a right fit for your project. Contact us anytime about a new project, hardware requirements for the operation of the Infinity software, or call one of our incredibly friendly sales or service representatives to talk about your options.

Thanks to all who have talked to us about this issue and, and for all of the conversations that have helped Orion grow to become an industry leader in entrance control systems, so we can continue to provide access peace of mind.

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