By Orion Entrance Control, Inc. | March 31, 2016
Orion Entrance Control will be attending ISC West

“We’re excited to share our latest turnstiles including integrations with Safran Morpho, IBC, and Blue Line Technology as well as our Infinity Remote Lane Control Software technology,” said Orion ECI President and Founder Steve Caroselli. “We’ve been successful in providing turnstile security for some of the biggest names in business and we look forward to once again meeting with our peers at ISC West to demonstrate our success in providing aesthetically pleasing yet affordable and technologically- advanced turnstile solutions.”

ISC West 2016 attendees are invited to visit Orion Entrance Control Booth 12135 at ISC West to demo exciting new products, including:

OBSG – WAVE Turnstile

The OBSG-WAVE is an Optical Barrier Swing Glass turnstile integrated with the Safran MorphoWAVE biometric reader. The OBSG-WAVE is a beautiful turnstile that captures fingerprints in just one contactless movement or “wave.” The turnstile yields one person per second; perfect for high traffic lobby security.

ODAB Turnstile With IBC Barcode Reader

The ODAB is an Optical Drop Arm Barrier turnstile integrated with IBC’s QScanT bar code reader for visitor management. The IBC QScanT reader reads all forms of barcodes including QR codes.

OSAB-DA Turnstile with Blue Line Technology

The OSAB-DA is an Optical Swing Arm Barrier- Double Arm turnstile featuring Blue Line Technology’s First Line Facial Recognition state-of-the-art camera-based software.

Infinity Remote Lane Control Software (IRLC-SW)

User-friendly lane control software that is intuitive and offers an array of support for end users and integrators. Orion’s IRLC-SW allows access to lanes via a desktop touch screen control or the new sleek Surface Pro 4 tablet (see next item). IRLC-SW includes advanced alarm-type display, technical service tools, lane beam status, I/O status, and per lane volume adjustment. Multiple screens can be connected via LAN.

Infinity Remote Lane Control Software (IRLC-SW) With Surface Pro 4 Touchscreen/Armodolo Case

Maximize your Infinity Remote Lane Control Software (IRLC-SW) with the Surface Pro 4 touchscreen enclosed in an Armodolo case. The Surface Pro 4 and Armodolo case together provide a functional and sleek implementation for your turnstile’s technology.

About Orion Entrance Control, Inc.

Headquartered in New Hampshire, Orion Entrance Control, Inc., is proud to be shipping projects globally. Orion ECI is an award-winning American manufacturer of architecturally-pleasing optical access control solutions for high-rise buildings, government centers, education campuses and corporate facilities. To learn more about Orion Entrance Control, Inc., please contact us.


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