Orion Pre-Entry Temperature Reader

The Orion Pre-Entry Temperature Reader™ is designed to help make your business, school, or workplace feel safer with easy, accurate temperature readings.

How does it work?

When an individual stands within two feet of the unit, it reads their temperature and displays the results on the device’s tablet. This allows you to screen hundreds of individuals an hour, without ever having to break social distancing protocols.



Temperature accuracy within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0.3 Celsius)



It's easy to install—no complicated network setup here


Fast Results

The sensor takes approximately 1 second to detect temperature

In a new era of entry control, you need to keep moving.

The OPTR™ will help you do just that.

Customize Your Device

The easy-to-use software allows you to control the acceptable temperature limits on the device. You can also customize the messages that display on the tablet so users will know if they are clear to enter your facility, or if they should follow other instructions.

The OPTR™ was created with flexibility in mind, with options to fit your space. The OPTR™ is offered as a wall mount, desktop reader, and as a kiosk so you can choose the best option for your environment.



Wall mount please proceed computer screen

Wall Mount

Mount your Orion Pre-Entry Temperature Reader™ up and out of the way.

Please proceed computer screen


The Orion Pre-Entry Temperature Reader™ Desktop is a convenient way to display your device on a hard, flat service.

standalone kiosk


The Orion Pre-Entry Temperature Reader™ Kiosk stands at approximately 46″ tall.

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