By Orion Entrance Control, Inc. | February 20, 2018
Orion Entrance Control will be attending ISC West

Orion Entrance Control, Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative and customized turnstile solutions, will showcase its latest technologically-advanced optical speed lanes – including new situational awareness integrations – at ISC West Booth 23131 in Las Vegas this April.

“We’re always excited to demonstrate our entrance control products with our peers at ISC West and this year we will highlight new technologies that can add situational awareness to any lobby security solution,” said Orion ECI CEO and Founder Stephen Caroselli.

New Hampshire-based Orion ECI manufactures innovative and customized software and entrance control lanes including pure optical no barrier turnstiles, optical barrier swing arm turnstiles and optical bi-parting glass speed gates. Orion ECI products can now include a variety of situational awareness technology solutions that can detect concealed weapons or gunshots, aide in occupancy analysis for building evacuation applications, conduct randomization and serve as a public announcement system. The available technologies include passive millimeter-wave imaging, 3D sensing technology and LiDAR tailgate detection.

“When building developers invest in a speed lane or turnstile solution for a lobby, why not maximize it and add even more value by incorporating the variety of situational awareness tools available?” said Caroselli. “Not only is a turnstile the physical hub of a lobby’s access control solution, it can now be a technological hub for enriching security and operations.”

Considered the security industry’s premier event for launching new products and technologies, ISC West hosts more than 30,000 global security product manufacturers and professionals each spring in Las Vegas. This year, the event will be held at the Las Vegas Sands Expo, April 10-12, 2018.

Add Orion ECI Booth 23131 to your schedule by visiting the 2018 ISC West floorplan:

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