By Orion Entrance Control, Inc. | August 8, 2018

Orion Entrance Control, Inc. new DoorGuard™ System provides enhanced security for multiple building entrances

Orion Entrance Control, a leading provider of optical SpeedLane ™ turnstile solutions, is set to launch an exciting new product at GSX Global Security Exchange Cybersecurity Summit (also known as ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits).

Through an exclusive agreement, Orion Entrance Control, Inc. (Orion) is now offering a unique new entrance control system.  The new Orion Secure DoorGuard enhances security and monitoring at any doorway within a building where access is a security concern. The system, which utilizes LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology that is a key component in autonomous motor vehicles, will be featured in Orion’s booth 521, at the GSX Global Security Exchange in Las Vegas September 25 through 27.

About the technology

The core component of the DoorGuard system is the S3 sensor developed by Quanergy, a leading-edge company that was the first to patent solid state LIDAR. Orion has been selected as the preferred S3 vendor for the security sector. This small solid-state sensor is ideal for applications requiring object detection at doorways and entry locations.

DoorGuard leapfrogs existing technology for accuracy and performance and can be added into current security systems. The DoorGuard unit is mounted above a door and integrates to the access system and Orion’s proprietary Infinity Remote Lane Control™ software. The LIDAR smart sensing technology generates a half-million data points per second with signal processors that calculate the Time-of-Flight (TOF) of each light pulse. The end result is significantly more accuracy that protects points of entry from unauthorized access.

“We are very pleased to be the preferred vendor for Quanergy’s S3 sensor and are using this disruptive technology as a key component of our new DoorGuard system. This enabled us to build a ‘better mousetrap’ that is a significant upgrade from the beam-based systems currently in use. It is the most effective, easiest to install and affordable system on the market to control access entrances and exits. We can overlay this on anyone’s system to provide a higher level of security and occupancy counting,” said Stephen Caroselli, CEO of Orion.

Compact, cutting edge access detection

The Quanergy S3 sensor communicates directly with Orion’s technology systems and the Infinity Remote Lane Control software to link to perimeter doors and stairwells. It is designed to detect one credit per person and deter common ways other systems can be tricked to allow unauthorized access. It can detect people trying to enter a building by following someone very closely (tailgating) and can set off warnings if a door is open for too long or has been propped open. Additionally, in emergency situations when access points need to be open, DoorGuard™ can accurately count the number of authorized individuals who pass through, enabling first responders to know if people still remain in buildings or sections where there is limited access.

“Accuracy in a security system is critical. Today’s solutions typically feature a row of sensors secured onto a door frame and they can be very inaccurate. Other more accurate alternatives are more cumbersome, more expensive and do not get to the level of accuracy the LIDAR technology can offer. We’re excited to roll out this disruptive technology at the GSX event,” Caroselli said.

Other DoorGuard™ features include the following:

  • Works in any lighting setting, detection system is not affected by dynamic lighting
  • Uses 3-D imaging sensors to detect size of user
  • Ability to classify complex details, including user
  • Works independently and in the background
  • Not affected by weather – applicable for outdoor usage

Additional DoorGuard™  information can be found on the company’s website.

About Orion Entrance Control, Inc.

Orion Entrance Control, Inc. is a U.S. owned and operated manufacturer and global provider of optical turnstile solutions. Headquartered in New Hampshire, each technologically superior, architecturally and aesthetically pleasing optical Orion SpeedLane™ turnstile is proudly made for each client and assembled in the USA. Putting access in motion, Orion utilizes its powerful and proprietary Infinity Remote Lane Control software to allow for a more secure lobby setting. Typically, Orion can deliver high-quality products to businesses within 10 weeks from drawing approvals.

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