Entrance Control Turnstile Company – Staff Makes The Difference

Orion is known as an entrance control turnstile company. In fact, it is part of our name in the “ECI” on our domain. Steve Johnston, Orion’s head of Sales & Marketing, discusses the critical difference and driving factor for joining the company. People make Orion special and Steve gives a few insights into how this translates into business results for clients.

We understand the pressures, expense, and space constraints facility managers face. We’ve know businesses want to better understand how their staff is using leased or purchased buildings and the data insights which Orion entrance control products deliver are powerful. Professionals make intelligent decisions based on the data our product provide your organization. From our inception, we knew customers wanted devices which were IOT; it’s just many didn’t understand this opportunity so our staff helped to educate these customers regarding what was possible.

Orion staff makes a difference. For more information about entrance control turnstiles or any of our other products, please visit https://orioneci.com/products/