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Orion Secure DoorGuard

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The Orion Secure DoorGuard™ (DoorGuard) is a high accuracy tailgate detection system that uses disruptive, solid state LiDAR technology. DoorGuard accurately determines when there’s an attempt to gain invalid entry through a secured access point (such as swinging doors, sliding doors, or virtual/no doors).

Orion Secure DoorGuard


The solid state LiDAR technology integrated with the Orion Infinity Remote Lane Control™ software provides a contemporary solution to the security issue of tailgating and piggybacking. DoorGuard’s technology can intelligently detect the difference between additional individuals, bags, strollers and other non-human objects. This versatile access system offers emergency mustering, people counting, and new features that complement existing access control systems and programming for high security and high throughput.

How Orion Secure DoorGuard works

Ease of Installation.

Orion designed the new version of DoorGuard with fully integrated housing and mounting systems. The wall mount, pendant or recessed options were developed specifically to provide extremely easy access for installation, upgrades and maintenance.

Orion Secure DoorGuard's ease of installation

Integrated Solution.

When combined with Orion’s Infinity Remote Lane Control™ software and speedlane turnstile systems, DoorGuard provides complete access control integration. It is universally compatible with any existing access control system.

Orion secure DoorGuard integrates with Orion's Infinity Software

Sophisticated Design.

Orion utilized the expertise of Helix Design, an award-winning product development firm located in Manchester, New Hampshire, to build this new, innovative version of DoorGuard. The cutting-edge engineering, all-inclusive compact size, modern LED indicators for status alarms, forced, unverified, or unauthorized entry and verified access, add to its sleek design and efficacy.

Orion Secure DoorGuard

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