DoorGuardSecurity Tailgating Solution

How Many Unauthorized People Are Acceptable?

Security Tailgating takes advantage of human nature to expose your organization to unimaginable danger and thwarts all other the security measures your company has in place.  

Orion's DoorGuard

Until now, piggybacking solutions where ineffective but we've harnessed the potential of LIDAR technology, in combination with our proprietary DoorGuard™ inference engine, to reduce false positives while closing this well-known security challenge.


How It Works

DoorGuard™ is powered by LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to check that every single individual passing the entry point has presented an authorized badge. If one badge is scanned and more than one person enters, DoorGuard™ will automatically alert security of a tailgate.


Sleek and compact, DoorGuard™ is easily installed as a wall mount or ceiling recessed option, each of which allows for easy upgrades and maintenance. This system fully integrates with Orion’s Infinity Remote Lane Control™ software and speedlane turnstile systems, and is universally compatible with any existing access control system.


Sleek and

Compact Design

Easily installed as a wall mount or ceiling recessed option.




The device is already assembled and ready to be installed.


Compatible with

Access Control Systems

The Infinity Software™

alert graphic



DoorGuard™ makes it easy for your personnel to access their authorized areas and gives you peace of mind that even if an unauthorized person tries to gain entry, DoorGuard™ will detect them. For example, the software can alert you when someone is holding the door for an unauthorized individual. Even the best-trained employees in security can succumb to the pressure of politeness, but DoorGuard™ will be there to alert you of suspicious activity.

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