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Infinity Remote Lane Control TM software

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Orion Entrance Control developed proprietary software to provide user-friendly controls for Orion turnstiles, speed lanes, and the new DoorGuard detection system. It empowers lobby and security personnel to monitor activity through each turnstile individually or in aggregate. This intuitive tool enables remote servicing of the turnstiles, monitoring of power consumption, and counting and reporting of occupancy statistics. The software works on Microsoft® Windows-based system version 7 or higher.


  • Displays advanced alarm details
  • Includes technical service tools
  • Manages lane beam and input/output status
  • Includes per-lane volume adjustment
  • Provides visual diagrams of each entrance point
  • Offers personalized access to grant pass-through for VIPs
  • Includes functions for mustering, multiple door modes, barrier management and more
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