Almost every Orion component is manufactured and assembled in the USA, which gives us almost limitless opportunity to create a system that works for you and your customers. Recycled steel and other raw materials are sourced locally, often within driving distance of our New Hampshire headquarters, allowing us to monitor quality at every step of the project. Whether you want your lobby security to blend in with the surroundings or make an architectural statement, your vision can become reality with Orion.

Occupant Sensing Solutions

Legacy Products

At Orion we view Legacy Products through the lens of our Core Values:

People First- We continue to provide Legacy Products when requested.

Remove Friction- We support all of our products, including Legacy Products.

Excellence is ALL!- Everyone at TEAM ORION seeks to provide our customers with the best solution for them.

Effective Communication- Taking ownership, we communicate to the right people at the right time utilizing the proper methods.

Create Remarkable ExperiencesComing into contact with Orion just feels different.  Our people, processes, responsiveness, and technology leave people with stories they remark on and repeat.

This means that these products are available to purchase through contacting your local RSM or you can contact us via 603.527.4187 or [email protected]
Like our current products all the Legacy Products are forward and backward compatible and our Customer Care Team is available to provide support (603) 527-4188 or [email protected]