Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Explores How To Keep Buildings Safe and Secure at All Times with Orion Entrance Control, Inc.

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® and Steve Caroselli, CEO of Orion Entrance Control

President Steve Caroselli will discuss his company’s turnstile solutions that ensure safety and match any building’s existing look and feel.

The company is headquartered in Laconia, New Hampshire. It has more than 20 years of experience in the security industry and has been family owned and operated for more than six years. Orion Entrance Control has implemented their turnstiles at offices and other buildings throughout the United States, as well as internationally. All of their turnstiles offer the highest level of security detection with an aesthetic that blends into the architectural beauty of world-class establishments.

Caroselli explains that entrance control is a key facet of security in major business and government buildings around the world. He says, “Without the right entrance control solution, we might have people that aren’t supposed to be in a secure environment coming in. We work with our architects and end users to make sure we’re selecting the right product for the environment.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is very happy to feature Orion Entrance Control. He says, “Orion Entrance Control is a leader in the security industry. By developing security solutions that keep people safe and look great in buildings, Orion Entrance Control is quickly building an unmatched reputation in the security world. We are so excited to feature Orion Entrance Control on our show.”

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Headquartered in New Hampshire, Orion Entrance Control, Inc., is proud to be shipping projects globally. Orion ECI is an award-winning American manufacturer of architecturally-pleasing optical access control solutions for high-rise buildings, government centers, education campuses and corporate facilities. To learn more about Orion Entrance Control, Inc., please contact us.