Orion ECI Becomes Platinum Distribution Partner for Xandar Kardian

Orion Constellation™ offers 100% private occupancy & presence detection metrics

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Laconia, N.H. – March 10, 2022.  As enterprises evaluate their facility space, companies need reliable technology to anonymously study their underutilized areas and capacity needs.  While many different technologies offer products with varying presence detection accuracy levels, Constellation™ powered by Xandar Kardian delivers 99.9% accuracy in real-time.  Featuring IR-UWB radar, the sensors process 15 million radar pulses per second to capture body generated movements down to even the smallest motions such as breathing and heart beats.  So accurate and reliable, Xandar Kardian technology is the world’s first, and only, commercially available FDA 510k cleared class II medical device for non-invasive contact free monitoring of motion, resting heart rate, respiratory rate and even presence detection of a person using radar technology. 

Beyond shared, public spaces, security and commercial real estate companies have long searched for solutions to safely monitor private areas where cameras, as well as other technologies, cannot be used.  This includes bathrooms, fitting rooms, sensitive intellectual property areas, conference rooms, and many others.  “We searched the world for the best occupancy sensor technology and Xandar Kardian was clearly the only choice” commented Orion CEO Steve Caroselli.  “Not only is their presence detection technology incredibly accurate, their company has worldwide distribution and case studies across commercial real estate, health care, banking, corrections, transportation, retail, and more.  The added data pushed into the Orion Infinity ecosystem makes for a powerful integration into any building environment”

Xandar Kardian recently completed a Series A investment round and is focused on growing distribution around the world through powerful business partners.  Xandar Kardian Vice President of Security Solutions Mark Eklund stated, “We need partners who are experienced industry leaders in solving client challenges with IOT device products.  That’s Orion.”  Beyond optimizing space, Xandar Kardian is a proven clean tech solution for organizations who are focused on energy sustainability, and the related cost savings, which are generated through automated HVAC and lighting system controls.

Orion Entrance Control, Inc. is excited to be participating at the ISC West 2022 Show in the Xandar Kardian booth # 22125.  Orion is a leading United States technology company who specializes in entrance control, security tailgating, and occupancy sensor solutions with data delivered through cutting edge IOT device software Infinity™.  From the entrance to the back-office, Orion has brought intelligent, effective technologies to help drive greater data and metrics to maximize business efficiencies as well as a higher level of safety through intelligent business practices.

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